Smart Business

A relationship can only reach so far if the business end of executing on a project is not also completed with all points valued by a client being met.  Ask yourself, if you were to engage a contractor to complete one of your projects what would you expect them to deliver on?  


High quality is a price of admission.  Our reputation and the integrity of what we do depends on it!  We have a saying “quality at every step ensures quality at the end” … we set a goal to have the bare minimum to detail in the end when it is supposed to be done right the first time.  There are designer specs, architectural plans, manufacturers standards, brand standards, ownership standards, bank standards our standards you name them; we make it our business to know them and uphold them.



There is a very critical element in our industries and it is called “revenue management.”  It goes without saying when a property is under renovation some portion of it is not open and to its full potential.  We operate under the pretense that when we contract with an owner to do the project in a reasonable time frame, barring circumstances outside of anyone’s control, we are contracting with them to protect them from unnecessary inconveniences and the threat of revenue deferral. 


So many contractors are not as principled.  There are those who make it difficult for companies like ours to earn early trust and ultimately grow lasting relationships. We don’t set out to capitalize on owner gaps in a project.  When given a chance, we do our best to help a client anticipate and identify issues during the bidding process … sometimes we can help with budget planning and due diligence even before the bidding process … its part of “partnership.”* A project within our clients budget means we all did our jobs to prepare the project right. 



The best way to define this deliverable is to ask questions, “has the project gone virtually unnoticed by the real paying guests of an open operation?”  “Did guest satisfaction scores remain the same or go up during the renovation?” “Has the project gone without incident for the duration of its lifecycle?” “Is the message from the property management to the ownership one with nothing but good things to say about the project and our team?”  “Has our team been respectful, professional and managed a safe, compliant and thoughtfully looked after approach to the project?”… when “yes” is the answer to these questions, the impact deliverable has been managed well.