Tim Broersma


I have been blessed with a beautiful bride, Stephanie, and 3 amazing children. I was born and raised in Lynden, and having lived here my whole life, have developed a passion for this small, clean, safe town, and enjoy pouring into the community and it’s people. I enjoy singing, riding motorcycle, and anything that requires risk or has an element of danger. A key passion of mine is helping business owners and leaders get engaged into global ministry, and I enjoy taking trips to South East Asia several times a year with those leaders, who then are given the opportunity to train and equip leaders from that region, who are working in ministries, in schools, and who are leading the charge agains human trafficking. 

While at work, I am blessed to travel the country, building relationships with great customers, many of whom are now great friends. I love explaining the wonderful culture we have as an organization, and watching our teams provide memorable experiences to our customers. Being with the customers is fullfilling for me, as I’m a relational person at the core. I also enjoy utilizing my type A personality, coupled with an entrepreneurial bend, to stress out Shane and the team :)