Shane Bajema


The Pacific Northwest has become home for my family and I.  Having spent most of my life growing up in Lake Michigan waterfront communities I always find myself gravitating to water.  Boating in the San Juan waterways, water-sports on Lake Whatcom, exploring rivers you name it I enjoy living where water affords exploration of activity.  Realistically my personal time is most often found supporting and investing into my family.  I take seriously modeling a God-centered healthy marriage with my beautiful wife Beth; time is then divided with our two young adult daughters and our son in high school.  An essential for us as parents is helping our kids form their character and helping each them realize what God has in store for them individually.  I like to read, play basketball, work out at the gym, tinker on household projects, watch the kids in sports and go on a good old fashioned date with Beth.

I Graduated in Business from Calvin College.  Professionally, I enjoy investing in people. Being a leader for me is a calling; however, being a servant minded leader is a purpose.  I am very passionate about building a "healthy culture" wherever we are.  Being the CEO to me is humbling and a great challenge; I love being a part of a company that seeks to create from its proceeds mission support.  I spend 25% of my time supporting Todd, 25% of my time closely watching and supporting key indices within operations and the remaining 50% keeping Tim out of trouble.